Complete Civilization

Most of the people want to enjoy our humanity and have future life with greater meanings. There should be such a natural way to live with our humanity in society. So far, the wrong things have been leading the world community into social misery and the deepening global crisis. The natural way out must be in taking the whole life as valuable and taking care of it to ensure its general success, the way universal humanism presents. This article will show how humanism can make the natural and successful way of future life.
Humankind should run human society well, if we want to see valuable future and we are responsible for doing it. Humankind runs its life in organizations for different functions up to the highest form called Civilization that realizes global life. So far, we got struggling and developing Civilization that embodies our striving, yet, troubled life as humankind. At the current historical moment, human society got itself into a global mess and reached global perception of our life. We are starting seeing humankind as the global community where everybody is a member of it. Wars became global affecting the whole humankind. We put together a global scientific picture of the world with space, time and properties. Shortage of resources and pollutions put limits to our global material development. It must be a challenge of our human life where humankind must overcome own evils and establish itself as the global entity in life. To become such global Civilization, we need to build Civilization of global humanity. Continue reading


Desirable Future

We like to see our life becoming something important. We think that human life goes as far, as far human imagination goes. Realization of our desires in life is what drives us and marks our achievements. If we look at history, it was largely made by destructive human nature and resulted in the failing Old World. Seeking the future, our creative nature should desire the whole New World of values. We need to realize humanity in life where we have the fulness of values.
Human desire to live guides us in any ways of life we want. We either hate and destroy, or, desire and create on our ways. As we are new people with a desire for valuable life, we should leave destruction in the past and set a course to create the valuable future. If humankind was given life for creation, it should live in the world with abundance of values and relations of all kinds to fulfil life in its plenitude. This should be the natural meaning of life for humankind.
To seek it, we need to start with a clear picture of life to handle it. This picture should present our past and the desirable future. Let us see how the historical social system gives us suffering and imagine how we can create the world we value. It can be seen in the way human life works in three natural stages. Human life works in personalities, relationships and products. Humankind needs to handle own life to have it. Continue reading

Model of Humanistic Society

What should be an ideal of living Civilization? It must be made on that basic human nature that makes us alive. Humans can bring and share new life, let’s agree that it is the essence of human nature. So, society should work on the basics of this human nature – creativity and friendship. Our ideal of social life should be turning collective human potential into successful ongoing common creation. Such an ideal should show how this is realized the way society lives – in the body of society. Let’s go through a social body of mature creative society to see how it should work. It should work on our basic humanity interacting in an organization to bring valuable results. Let’s put it in the next line of the basic social institutions of a personality, informational and material resources, social power, family, social and creative governments, property and religion. Humanity must make them all function successfully. Continue reading

New World



This discovery about those who rule the world may be shocking and, now, we should turn to the best in humankind to rely upon in this situation. Let’s believe that humankind can have successful life to its fullness, even as the whole Civilization, in spite of misery and evil forces seemingly dominating at the moment. If we have an ideal, there will come an achievement.
Human life must have meaning and this meaning must be good. Let us don’t be intimidated by doomsday scenarios of the future. Instead, let’s see in it beneficent and intelligent life of humankind for which we should take responsibility. A single person and the whole Civilization have ways of life that must successfully continue.
For that, we should make an ideal of society based on our good human nature – our ability to create and share new life. The next few articles will offer a very basic ideal of society for us to unite and make our future on it.
With this, we can build Civilization on human value. Our Civilization reflects us and our works. So, in the further articles, let’s put this idea about successful society into a strategic image and a plan how it can be built. It should be the reasonable way of our social life to follow. It should be immensely interesting to not just to imagine, but to put our efforts to make real successful, space faring Civilization of countless cultures in the not so distant future. After all, we’ll get what we seek in life.

An ask blog for the Age of Humanity

After this pause, I’m going to post the second half of the articles presenting the positive New World. Me and my friend Henry, also, started an ask blog about this whole project, people should start thinking and talking about changing the whole power system of the world.
It’s the ideal that human life has universal value keeps us going and we must carry this ideal to the rest of humankind. If you don’t agree with the way the world is now, let us create the world of valuable human nature.

Humanistic Government

Mature creative society must be able to run own life. For that, humanistic society needs a system of government serving human life.
The purpose of humanistic society is to have diversity of human beings creating diversity of life. So, humanistic government should have two functions – to build the body of society and social creative potential. Humanistic society works on the basics that every member has equal human value and people participate with mutual responsibilities and benefits making a controllable common process of social life. This government puts these basics in a system forming collective life for every member and the whole society.
The first part of humanistic government should build natural life of society itself. To become society, humans need to unite individuals into society and their ideas into their world. Humans unite into society interacting in the spheres of personality and society, spiritual and material to constitute one common life. As the body of society is built through these spheres, their areas of interaction give us departments of this government (as it is shown on the following illustration). This government starts working gathering initial resources in the initial departments of culture and science. Then, four spheres interact with each other in eight departments building social life from a personality to society. They build it through health, social education, food, professional education, environment, communications, production and governance. For protection against social and natural threats to persons and society there are four protective departments fighting crime, wars, illnesses and natural disasters. This government produces social potential for the next creative government. People learn social organization and they can work with each other further. Industry makes additional productive potential that can be used to work on creations further.
The second part of humanistic government should be free creativity of complete society. People have potential to create what they love and consume what they enjoy. People are free to make all the organizations they need and interact, as they want. Productive potential given to everybody works as person’s exact potential in society to form any desired creations and can be united with the rest of this potential in society. Everybody is free to do so within given resources and social safety. It will be up to people to create their ways of life as they imagine them in vast diversity.
Using humanistic government, people can live successfully for their purposes in life. Sharing this natural flow of common creativity should keep this life endlessly interesting, purposeful and fulfilling. Let’s try to imagine how such society should live in the next article. To survive and prosper, we must see our future as good and bringing our dreams into reality.
A model of humanistic society and government can be studied further in the main work.


Humanistic Government

Model of Humanistic Society

What should be an ideal of living Civilization? It must be made on that good nature that makes us alive. Humans can bring and share new life. So, society should work on creativity and friendship. Our ideal of Civilization should be turning human potential into successful creation. This ideal should show how this is realized in human life in the body of Civilization. Let’s go through such a body of mature creative Civilization to see how it works.
A human being is a basic participant and an embodiment of human value. Every human being may be a participant benefiting from and giving society. Humanity establishes human values.
The basic elements of creation are informational and material resources. People have freedom to share information and make rules for it. People are entitled to equal amounts of matter and energy to use at their will. Human values establish common life there.
Social power is cooperation of persons in functioning for the greater purposes. People should be able to make agreements of mutual responsibilities and benefits sharing common work. Human values work on common life there.
Family is the basic unit of society where a human can get life and a way into society. People should be able to make families and be responsible for raising children by social standards of living to let them enter the society. Human values spread common life between humans there.
Social government is responsible for maintaining the body of society. People should be empowered by social life and support it in a complete society consisting of personal and social, informational and material spheres. This government should also fight harm to the society from human and natural forces. This government will produce creative social potential for the next creative government. A model of these governments will be taken in the next article. Human values become the body of society there.
Creative government brings common creations. Developed social personalities and productive power gained from social government become means of free creativity for the members of society. People cooperate as they like and create what they like making their ways of life. Human values create unique life there.
Religion is relations between humans and the higher Good. People and the higher Good should be free to seek the best for them in life greater than life of the society. Human values reach to the higher values.
It should be complete society fully realizing our humanity. It should be life meaningful for persons and the whole humankind. It should be the world of valuable creations and the general picture of life filled with purpose. Human values there should embody life of the Universe.